A Great Great America

It’s 2018 and Donald Trump is taking this country back and making it great again. When will you finally turn to Trump? A realistic dystopian horror story about Muslims, Immigrants, the War, the Wall, and Donald Trump.

Episode 0010: Total Ban on Muslims

Donald Trump declares a total ban on Muslims – citing a survey that proves 25% of American Muslims believe that violence against American’s is justified as part of the global Jihad.

Episode 0020: Thumping Trashcans

One of our listeners tells her story of A Great Great America.  President Donald Trump continues to fight against the terrorists, losers, and animals who keep this country from being great.

Episode 0030: Victory at My Lai

We should look to the Battle at My Lai as a template for future American military victory.   President Trump explains how the lesser known war tactics of General John Pershing will make America great again.

Episode 0040: Jobs on the Wall
Loyal Trump supporters and patriots are needed to build the wall.

Episode 0050: Renunciation Day
After Renunciation Day, unrepentant and illegal Muslims are lurking in every crevice and will stop at nothing to infiltrate our homes. One brave boy gets pulled into their twisted world.