Rules of AGGA

Editing Quotations

All edits in quotations will follow one of the following four rules:

  1. Contain a line of argument.  The topic of Trump speeches tends to wander as he builds applause and support along the way.    I reserve the right to edit off topic tangents if they don’t convey any meaning to his current argument. 
  2. Remove references to current situation (2016 campaign, Obama as sitting president, Clinton/Rubio/Cruz/Sanders as opponents, etc)
  3. Edit for Alt Universe.  Sometimes quotes should be changed or removed to reflect the events of my alternate universe in which Trump is the President and other events have happened.
  4. Reductio ad Absurdum – Reducing an argument to absurdity.  I’m asking, “How far can the argument go?”  If he said “This,” why can’t he say “That?”  If he insulted Cruz and Bush, why not Putin?  If he wanted to ban new Muslims in America, why not ban all Muslims?  His argument seems to support both options equally.   If you support Trump today, but wouldn’t support that further action he takes in my story; where is the line for you?  What is the line you think he is crossing by doing that?  What will you do if he ever breaks that line?