Ep Notes 0010: Total Ban on Muslims


Limited quotations are taken under the Fair Use Doctrine from different sources and substantially transformed into a story taking place in an alternate universe.  These quotations are taken for the purposes of dramatic parody and political commentary.  The speeches excerpted in the podcast are from public and news worthy appearances of public figures.

  • Pastor’s Introduction
  • Trump Chant
  • Trump was Right about Everything
  • California Attack Animals
    • Source – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fz0r0CGW7ic&feature=youtu.be&t=3m32s
    • Edits
      • “…where these two animals… ” to “…where these _ animals..”  Rule 3: Alt Universe.  (The LAX attack has more perpetrators than San Bernardino.)
    • Notes
      • Trump is referring to the December 2, 2015 San Bernardino attack and I have re-purposed the quote for the LAX attack in the alt universe.
      • Later in this video, interviewer Chris Cuomo attempts to debunk the “25/51% survey” from the Center for Security Policy in frustration with Trump.  (see below)
  • Tough on Families
    • Source –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oC6S69FDXRE&feature=youtu.be&t=50s
    • No Edits
    • Note – I believe this is a reasonable stance for Trump in the 2018 alt universe.  2016 real-Trump is explicitly saying “I will go after families after an attack,” so it is very reasonable to believe that 2018 alt-Trump would go after families after an attack.
  • Total Ban on Muslims.  25/51% survey.
  • Trump gets tougher
    • Source –
    • No Edits

25/51% Center for Security Policy Muslim Survey

Trump widely quotes this survey to justify his suspicion of Muslims.

Widely Criticized:  This survey has been criticized for using unreliable sampling techniques and unusually phrased questions.  The Center for Security Policy, which published the survey, consists of anti-Muslim activists who have come under fire for presenting a number strange findings – including several far-fetched Muslim conspiracy theories involving Obama.

For more information on this poll, Google “center for security policy Muslim poll”.

American Muslims: This survey proports to speak to the sentiment of American Muslims.  Not Muslims abroad.  This is important.

Is it fair?  Is it fair for me to assert that 2018 Alt-Trump would use a survey which shows hateful attitudes among American Muslims to ban Islam in America?  2016 real-Trump is using the same survey to stop foreigners from entering the country.   But the survey doesn’t talk about foreign Muslims, it talks about American Muslims.  If someone wants to use this unreliable survey to shape policy, I believe this is actually MORE appropriate to use it against American Muslims (as 2018 alt-Trump does) than to use it against Muslim immigrants (as 2016 real-Trump does).


Written by OvenFriend
Narrator: jwriddle
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