Adventures of Samuel, Boy Detective

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Author’s note:  I hastily posted ‘The Adventures of Samuel, Boy Detective’ at lunch one day. The unclickable title was more of a dare than a marketing tool. I didn’t expect it to get any traction. I was so pleased when Ryan Prizio recorded this.  The wonderful recording is featured on the left sidebar.  I continued reworking the idea until it became A Story to Scare My Son.

Hi /r/NoSleep. My name is Samuel. I am 10 years old and I am a detective. I just got my first case, and it is really spooky. I heard you like spooky stories so I will update you on my progress as I solve the mystery.

I have read every Hardy Boys, Three Investigators, and Encyclopedia Brown book. I can usually figure out who did it before the end of the book – so I’m smart enough to start my own detective agency.

My parents don’t let me play a lot of video games or watch much TV so they were pretty happy when I decided to start a detective agency. My dad even helped me make the sign. Just like Encyclopedia Brown, I put up a sign and waited in my garage. But unlike Encyclopedia Brown, nobody came by. I waited for four Saturdays and didn’t get ANY cases!

But then I heard about this website My parents don’t let me on the internet very much, so I had to sneak onto their computer and post an ad. It said:

Samuel, Boy Detective
Rate $10/day plus expenses.
No case is too small or too spooky
Please respond if you want a top detective to help you

When I checked back, I had a hit! After writing back and forth a few times with the client, I found out the following clues.

  • There has been a ghost in an old warehouse.
  • The warehouse used to be a furniture factory.
  • The warehouse has not been used for 20 years.

The warehouse is near enough to my house that I can bike there. However, because this is a top-secret mission, I can’t tell my parents. I’m going to sneak out tonight to meet my client at 12:45. He seems really eager to get this case solved! He said that if I can solve the case, I will get $400!

I’ll update you tomorrow about the spooky adventure I have tonight.



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