TIFU by being the luckiest man alive

It was in the evening at a hotel in a downtown area. We get to the hotel, and go into the parking garage. We’re about 30min late at this point. It’s packed. We get to the top floor of the garage and realize there’s no more open spaces. As we’re backing down, we see one and zip in.

We grab our stuff and head downstairs to the event. After I pay for the drinks, I realize I don’t have the car key. Odd. I assume I gave it to my wife. She disagrees. We check her purse. No keys.

We assume they fell out at some point. Her feet hurt from wearing high heels all night so she waits at the bar while I start to retrace our steps.

By this time, it is very late and the seediness of the neighborhood is in full bloom. We had ventured from the parking garage, to the hotel, to the convention, to the bar. So slowly I work backwards while scouring the ground – aided by street lamps.

Finally, I get back to the parking lot. A guy in a tuxedo is sitting on the trunk of my car – a newish Mercedes C300. He’s waiting for me. WTF? As I walk up to him, he asks, “Is this your car?”

“Yes. This is my car. Can I help you?”

He replies, “Actually, I think that I can help you. Are you missing something?” But under the yellow halogen parking lights, the scene is all wrong. The two of us are completely alone and he’s full of smiles and cocky assurance… and riddles. But he probably has my keys so I play along, “Yeah. Actually, I lost my keys.”

He says, “I might be able to help you… But I want to know what its worth to you.” Everyone assumes you are rich when you drive a Mercedes.

Whatever. 20 Minutes earlier, I was scouring the dirty sidewalks. I would have gladly paid a few bucks to magically have my keys and be done with this. So I pull out three bills from my wallet, “Here is $60.”

“That’s not going to be enough.”

You could have picked my jaw up off the concrete floor. “What do you want?”

“Five Hundred Thousand” and he gives me this smile that sent dirty chills down my spine. I’m pretty sure he’s joking, but to be sure, I say “The car is only work forty thousand.”

He casually tosses me the keys and chuckles as he walked away. “You can have the car. But I’ll need that 500,000 by tomorrow night.” He walks across the concrete pavement towards a stairwell. Out of my life forever. That’s a weird dude.

I get in the car and there is an envelope on the passenger seat. It contains my wife’s finger with the wedding ring still attached.


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